Posted by: salaboy | 19 September, 2008

I was thinking..

This is my first post here, I hope I can contribute with something.

But the real reason of this post is to talk about an idea that I have in mind for weeks.

I was thinking (like the title said) in do some research in jBPM User, Design Forum and some wikis and do a kind of top ten hot topics asked by the starters in jBPM. Another top ten with the most advanced things in jBPM.

And three really important posts about:

  1. How to improve the initial relationship with the new developers
  2. How and why  become jBPM contributor (May be Tom can help with this)
  3. The future of jBPM and the main actual goals (extracted from Design jBPM forum, i think Tom have the last words on this)

Probably for time reasons, i will do this in my blog in spanish.. but i’m sure that i can make some reviews here.

Let me know if you have some comments about this ideas.

PS: please correct my english if something is not clear enough.



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